Evaluation and Consultation Service

Welcome to myEvaluation and Consultation Service. This service provides specialty evaluations for adults and adolescents who have body image concerns or body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), or who want to know if they have BDD. People with BDD perceive themselves as looking abnormal, ugly, or unattractive, to the point where it causes emotional distress or interferes with their functioning and quality of life. BDD usually improves with the right treatment.

I also provide this service for people with obsessive-compulsive disorder, olfactory reference syndrome/disorder (ORS), anxiety disorders, depression, and other psychiatric conditions. People with ORS worry about emitting an unpleasant body odor, to the point where it is emotionally distressing or interferes with their functioning and quality of life. As a board-certified psychiatrist, I also have broad training in general psychiatry, and I treat a broad range of mental health conditions.

Key features of the Evaluation/Consultation Service:

  • I can provide ongoing treatment (following the initial evaluation) by secure video to people who live in the state of New York, Connecticut, or New Jersey and are physically present in one of these states for most of the year.
  • Expert evaluation of body image concerns, body odor concerns, OCD, and other symptoms.
  • For adults and adolescents who have body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), olfactory reference syndrome (ORS), OCD, anxiety, depression, or other symptoms -- or who want to know if they have these conditions.
  • May consist of a one-time meeting with me, in which case you and your local clinician can use my treatment recommendations as a roadmap to guide your future care. Or, for adults and adolescents who live in New York State, Connecticut, or New Jersey the evaluation may serve as a first appointment for ongoing outpatient treatment with me.
  • I will give you feedback during the evaluation about your diagnosis and treatment options, and I'll answer your questions.
  • Family members may participate.
  • You and the clinicians who are currently treating you will receive a detailed written report with recommendations for your current and future treatment. Recommendations will be tailored to your specific symptoms and needs.

I provide an expert evaluation in a friendly and relaxed setting. You'll receive immediate feedback and answers to your questions. I'll send my written report to you and, with your consent, to clinicians who will treat you where you live. My goal is to provide expert feedback and helpful treatment recommendations that are tailored to your specific symptoms and individual needs.

Whether or not you think you have BDD, ORS, OCD, or another condition, if you're preoccupied with perceived flaws in your appearance or have body odor concerns, obsessions, repetitive behaviors, or other symptoms that are distressing or interfering with your functioning and enjoyment of life, I can provide helpful input and suggestions for how to feel better and get your life back on track. Even if you've seen other clinicians, it's likely that I can recommend helpful treatment options.